Woody 2000 Project Critique Essay

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Woody 2000 Project Critique
Claire Marie
Dr. Quake
February 17, 2013

The case study, Woody 2000 Project, presents the Custom Woodworking Company that began doing business in 1954 and operated as a small furniture manufacturing business thanks to Owner and Chief Executive Officer CEO), Ron Carpenter (Expert Project Management, 2011). As years passed the company (also referred as Woody's) built up a credible reputations with their customer base in the manufacturing industry and eventually transformed into a small-to medium sized business located Someplace, BC (Expert Project Management, 2011). The company expanded their business line to include custom millwork and hardwood ...view middle of the document...

Both Leadbetter and Moneysworth were completely unaware of the importance to have a "design review, specifications approval procedures and show drawings, submitted straightly by the suppliers of the production train" to their subcontractor, Schemers and Plotters (S&P) for building and industrial design preparation (Expert Project Management, 2011, p. 7).
Aside from a lack of project planning and design, Leadbetter and Moneysworth made the decision to take a two week vacation at the same time and abandoned their duties to approve manufacturing drawings for the long lead item. Their decision was deemed to be a critical error, which resulted in a two week construction delay, which lead to an array of consequences and conflict with other project activities (Expert Project Management, 2011).
The most beneficial process recommended for Woody 2000 Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) model. According to Wysocki (2009), the PMLC encompasses five process groups which are building blocks of the model. The five process groups are: Scoping or Initiating process, Planning process group, Launching or Executing process group, Monitoring and Controlling process group, and Closing process group (Wysocki, 2009). The Scoping and Initiating process must state project goals and objectives, "expand and modernize Woody's manufacturing business with growth based on computer controlled automation" (Expert Project Management, 2011, p. 6). In addition, the cost estimate ($17 million) and timeframe (eighteen months) must also be kept in mind. Preliminary and final design documents that include construction of substructure elements, construction of superstructure elements, and external works must be configured as well. The best way to visualize the Scope and Initiating process is to utilize a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) chart, which would have also helped project leaders to control the expansion of the project along the way (Bhatia, 2008).
The Planning process group should answer the question, "How will you do it" (Wysocki, 2009, p. 25)? The processes should include a definition of work, estimation of the work duration time/resources required/total cost for the work, the sequence of activities, critique analysis and adjustments made to the original schedule plan, the creation of a risk management plan as well as senior management approval to go forward with project start up (Wysocki, 2009). Project Woody 2000 could have benefited from a Milestone Bar, which would have illustrated the project progress, mapped out delays, cause of delays, and allowed project management the opportunity correct problems with activities before they have the potential to reach the crisis level (Baker, 2010).
Launching or Execution process group should include the processes related to organizational structures of the project team, rules, and responsibility delegations (Wysocki, 2009). A responsibility chart for Effective Control would be helpful in order to effectively...

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