Words That Are Not In Barrons

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Words That is Not In Barrons
  2.adduce.......present as evidence
  3.adumbration...foreshadowing, outlining
  4.afferent...carrying towards the center
  6.affray...public brawl
  7.amortization...act of reducing debt thro partial payments
  8.andirons...metal supports in a fireplace for cooking utensils
  9.apologue...fable, a short allegorical story with a moral
  10.apoplexy...sudden loss of consciousness, a stroke
  11.arrogate...claim or seize without right, attribute unjustly
  12.asseverate...assert solemnly
  13.atelier...workshop, studio
  14.athwart...across, in opposition
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champ...chew noisily
  39.chattel...personal property
  42.coadjutor...assistant; colleague
  43.cockade...decoration worn on hat
  44.cognomen...family name
  45.collier...worker in a coal mine; ship carrying coal.
  46.coltish...given to merry frolicking
  47.conch...large seashell
  48.concordat...agreement, usually between papal authority and the secular
  49.conjoin...to unite
  50.contumely...scornful insolence; insult
  51.cormorant...greedy rapacious bird
  52.corsair...pirate ship
  54.corusate...glitter, scintillate
  55.crepuscular...pertaining to twilight
  56.cruet...small glass bottle for vinegar, oil etc
  57.debenture...bond issued to secure a loan
  58.defalcate...misuse money held in trust
  59.demesne...domain; land over which one has full sovereignty
  60.depilate...remove hair
  61.descant...discuss fully
  62.desideratum...that which is desired.
  63.desuetude...disused condition.
  64.dipsomaniac...one who has strong craving for liquor.
  65.dishabille...in a state of undress
  67.divers...several; differing
  68.divestiture...an order to an offending party to rid itself of property.
  70.durance...restraint; imprisonment
  71.eclat...brilliance; glory
  72.educe...draw forth; elicit
  74.empyreal...celestial; fiery
  75.epiphany...any appearance or bodily manifestation of a deity
  76.equipage...horse drawn carriage
  77.esprit de corps...comradeship; spirit
  78.eviscerate...disembowel, remove entrails
  79.ewer...water pitcher
  80.ex officio...by virtue of one's office
  82.fealty...loyalty; faithfulness
  83.fester...generate pus
  84.fiduciary...pertaining to a position of trust
  85.flagellate...flog; whip
  86.flotilla...small fleet
  88.freshet...sudden flood
  89.froward...disobedient; perverse; stubborn
  90.frowzy...slovenly; untidy
  91.fulgent...beaming; radiant
  92.fustian...pompous; bombastic
  93.gaff...hook; barbed fishing spear
  96.gauntlet...leather glove
  98.gig...2 wheeled carriage
  99.hawser...large rope
  100.hogshead...large barrel
  102.hoyden...boisterous girl
  103.hustings...meetings particularly to choose candidates
  104.hypothecate...mortgage; pledge as security


  1.idyll...a musical composition that evokes rural life.
  2.imbrue...drench, stain especially with blood
  3.imprimatur...permission to print a book
  4.incarnadine...stain crimson or blood...color
  5.ingenue...an artless girl; an actress who plays such parts
  6.integument...outer covering or skin
  7.interlocutory...intermediate; not final

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