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Workforce diversity (L9, chapter 14: 34)
Benefits diverse workforce for organisations in terms of creativity and so on, different approach diversity management, how might be diversity,
Ethnicity in job applications
* Fictional CVs, online applications
* Entry-level jobs
* Same CV, different names
* Name as indicator of ethnicity
What is diversity?
Diversity encompasses any characteristic used to differentiate one person from others
Primary dimensions: age ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation …
Secondary dimensions: educational attainment, geographic location, income, marital status, religious beliefs …

The EEO approach
The creation of conditions to ensure that ...view middle of the document...

sex-based harassment & discrimination
Effectiveness of EEO
* Gender pay gap
* women, on average, earn 17.2% less than men
* over the next 40 yeaars, the average 25 year old: male earn $2.4 million, women $1.5 million; by 2019, the average woman has half the superannuation of men; women 2.5 times more likely to live in poverty in their old age than men
* corporate culture of respect
sexual harassment(性骚扰) is any unwanted or unwelcome sexual behaviour, which makes a person feel offended(冒犯), humiliated(侮辱) or intimidated(威吓).
* Sexually suggestive(暗示) comments, offensive jokes, intrusive questions, inappropriate leering(媚眼), sexually explicit(露骨的) e-mails or text messages…
* More than one in five people reported sexual harassment in their workplace in the past five years
* Most likely to women under 40 years of age
* Men harassing women accounted for more than half (56%) of all sexual harassment
* Male harassment of men accounted for nearly a quarter (23%) of sexual harassment
* Glass ceiling
Occurs when people see higher-lever positions but are blocked by an unseen barrier.
Diversity management
A process of managing e/ees’ differences & similarities so that individuals can achieve maximum personal growth & contribute positively to orgnal goals
Competitive advantage
In order to survive in today’s information rich & intellectually based society, orgs are focusing well beyond seeking competitive advantage simply by adding technology, efficient production process & innovative products. Leaders in orgs are recognising the importance of investing in e/ees &, along with other workers, are recognising the importance of servicing the various needs of customers.
-Markets increasingly international. -Demographic characteristics of customers
-Speak language, understand culture. -Manage international operations
Four HRM planning strategies
1. Recruitment & selection approaches
Recruiting process:
Different recruitment methods are need to attract qualified people from diverse labour pools, to promote diversity in advertising, to streamline recruitment & selection processes & to change the orientation of HRM functions.
1) Planning: for example, set diversity goals for all levels of the firm
2) Recruitment strategy: for example, use non-traditional sources of labour
3) Search: for example, use advertisements that target the needs of diverse groups
4) Evaluation: for example, monitor the diversity of candidates
Selection process
Job applicants progress through four stages of the selection process: as applicants, candidates, finalists & invitees. Three barriers that can be addressed to reduce the elimination of persons from diverse backgrounds before they become invitees:
1) Information bias: for example, a decision may be made on information individuals have difficulty providing
2) Personal characteristics: for example, when gender is used...

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