Working Adult Students Essay

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Working Adult Students
Gideon Ayoo

In a recent ‘’meeting of the minds conversation’’ that I had with some of my formal colleagues from the Airline, it dawned on me that I was not the only victim of the ‘’working full-time Adult student syndrome’’
In the quest to achieving academic and personal goals, some full-time working adult students, face numerous overwhelming challenges ; including but not limited to financial obligations that have compelled them to working a part-time or full- time job while going to school full-time
To effectively and accurately address these issues, it is necessary to obtain and review relevant credible peer-view based information from researched ...view middle of the document...

In both cases although the consequences of working a full-time job and going to school may adversely affect the academic performance and subsequently the graduation rates of students working full-time and going to school, the overwhelming financial obligations seems to out- weigh the consequences—only disciplined and determined students however, see these challenges as road blocks that must be neutralized.
As stated by Perna, ‘’ Ziskin and colleagues also conclude that the academic success of many adult students may be jeopardized by their belief that their jobs, family commitments, and age make them "out of place" on campus. This problem can be remedied—Through one on- one interactions, professors and administrators can promote adult working students' sense of belonging and validate their presence on campus, thus encouraging their academic success.’’
The school culture that accommodates working Adults and the resources available—including but not limited to labs,...

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