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Working In Beauty & Related Industries

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Working in Beauty Related Industries
Working in Beauty Related Industries
Assignment 201

Sadaf Awan-Furness
Beauty Therapy Level 2
Sam Reid

Sadaf Awan-Furness
Beauty Therapy Level 2
Sam Reid

Table of Contents…

Page 1: Focus on Beauty Treatments
Page 5: Career Guide for Beauty and Related Industries
Page 8: Focus on Business Practices & Legislation
Page 12: Bibliography

Focus on Beauty Treatments

There are ever increasing numbers of treatments being offered and available across the beauty industry, both in high street salons, spas and at home. Here I will be focusing on three readily available treatments in salons and spas. The treatments I will ...view middle of the document...

Clients can wear their own underwear or can wear disposable underwear provided by their therapist. Spray Tans can take as little as 15 minutes to apply.
Lotion or cream tans are applied by the therapist to the client’s skin. They are massaged into the skin. Again clients have the choice of wearing their own underwear or using disposables. These tans do take longer than spray tans to apply, the treatment time can run to around 45 minutes.
Whether a sunless tan is sprayed on or applied directly to the skin it will take several hours for the tan to actually develop its end colour. The end colour result is dependent on multiple factors; the colour of the clients own skin, the colour of the tan itself, the brand, how well the skin was prep for the treatment etc. Development times vary by brand, generally the development time can be from anything from 2 hour express tans to overnight tans. Sunless tans will last around 5 days, this will depend client to client. Daily showers will reduce the longevity of a tan as will any post tan exfoliation.
The cost of these treatments also various from salon to salon and also from band to brand. Prices are generally in the £20 - £55. Industry leaders are Fake Bake, San Tropez and Angel Tan.

Hot Stone Massage:
A hot stone massage is a massage that incorporates heated stones being massaged on to the skin. The addition of hot stones is very good at easing muscle tension. The heat is instrumental in increasing blood flow and circulation, this in turn has a metabolism boosting effect. Hot stone massage can also relieve pain and chronic tension especially in the colder months of the year.
Heated stones can be incorporated into any massage treatment, hot stone massages are also offered as whole treatments. Water heated stones are used to massage the skin, the hot stones are the placed on key points of the body. This placement helps to promote a deeper muscle relaxation as opposed to just being used to massage the skin.
This service is most likely to be found in high end salons and spas. Spa’s tend to also offer this service as part of pamper or spa day packages. Full body exfoliations, facials, manicures and pedicures are the general make up of these packages.
There are no real pre-treatment requirements. After care for hot stone massages is usually just advising the client to keep any oils/lotions used during the treatment in the skin for as long as possible to maximize their effects.
Treatment time can be from around the 30 minute mark for a back massage to 90 minutes for a full body massage o their own. The treatment prices range from around £35 to £70. If the massage is part of a treatment package then time and cost will increase accordingly.
Body Wrapping:
Body wrapping treatments are becoming ever popular due to their inch loss and skin toning abilities. Body wraps can also help reduce cellulite, they can be detoxifying and very moisturizing for the skin.
These treatments will again be found in...

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