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Working In The Beauty Related Industries

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Sample PPE Policies


The following sample policies are OPTIONAL. They are not required by WISHA safety and health rules, but they may be useful in helping you develop, establish, and implement your company’s PPE requirements and rules. We encourage employers to copy, expand, and modify the sample as necessary to accomplish this.

In addition, the Consultation Section of the Department of Labor and Industries may be called on for assistance at any time. A list of regional service location branches are listed in the resource pages at the end of the guide; contact your local branch for further information or help.

You can also call the toll-free number: ...view middle of the document...

Personal protective equipment will be provided, used, and maintained when it has been determined that its use is required to ensure the safety and health of our employees and that such use will lessen the likelihood of occupational injury and/or illness.

This section addresses general PPE requirements, including eye and face, head, foot and leg, hand and arm, body (torso) protection, and protection from drowning. Separate programs exist for respiratory protection and hearing protection as the need for participation in these programs is established through industrial hygiene monitoring. (List other programs or policies requiring PPE, such as Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Fall Protection, etc., that you may have at your work place) are also addressed in (State the section or location in your Accident Prevention Program where they are found)

The (Name of your business) Personal Protective Equipment Policies includes:

• Responsibilities of supervisors and employees
• Hazard assessment and PPE selection
• Employee training
• Cleaning and Maintenance of PPE


(Customize this page by modifying or adding any additional responsibilities and deleting those that may not apply to your company.)

Safety Person (or designated person responsible for your work place safety and health program.)

Note: Depending on your business and the number of employees you have, you may simply have a “designated safety person” (who may be a supervisor/lead worker) or a larger organized safety and health unit. Customize this section to fit the needs of your p

(Safety Person or designated person) is responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of (Name of your business)’s PPE policies. This involves

1. Conducting workplace hazard assessments to determine the presence of hazards which necessitate the use of PPE.

1. Selecting and purchasing PPE.

2. Reviewing, updating, and conducting PPE hazard assessments whenever

• a job changes

• new equipment is used

• there has been an accident

• a supervisor or employee requests it

• or at least every year

3. Maintaining records on hazard assessments.

4. Maintaining records on PPE assignments and training.

5. Providing training, guidance, and assistance to supervisors and employees on the proper use, care, and cleaning of approved PPE.

6. Periodically re-evaluating the suitability of previously selected PPE.

7. Reviewing, updating, and evaluating the overall effectiveness of PPE use, training, and policies.

Supervisors (leads, etc., and/or designated persons)

Supervisors (leads, etc., and/or designated persons) have the primary responsibility for implementing and enforcing PPE use and policies in their work area. This involves

2. Providing appropriate PPE and making it available to employees.

8. Ensuring that employees are...

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