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Working Principle Of Jzc250 Concrete Mixer

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JZC250 concrete mixer by feeding mechanism, mixing mechanism, transmission mechanism, water agencies, chassis and electric control system and other equipment.Many users want to buy but do not understand it, can't decide easily, here small make up for the share price of 250 mixer and its working principle concrete mixing plant, the hope can help to you.

Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd,is a professional manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 30 years. Our main products are as follows:ready mix concrete plant for sale,concrete batch mix plant,concrete batch mix plant,etc. We will provide you with the best product and service.

JZC 250 concrete mixer price and its working principle:

(1) 250 mixer feeding mechanism

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The structure of the mixing drum, simplified for double cone, cylinder welding with high and low leaf diesel mortar mixer (for sale), respectively with the axis of the drum become a certain Angle.Mixer with the mixing drum rotation concrete batch plant, blade makes the material in the ascent, falling at the same time, and the axial reciprocating stirring, so stirring, effect is good.JZC250 type concrete mixing time of about 35 to 45 s s.

Was shaking tube inside the discharge of the cone, there are a pair of discharge blade welding, when the concrete mix well, change the mixing drum rotating direction and concrete is the low vane and discharge blade from the discharging mouth education.

Mixing barrel by four roller bearing, the rotation of the mixing drum is driven by motor through the driving system in simplified on the large tooth circle and implementation, reliable work, mix of positive and negative transfer is implemented by motor commutator.

(3) the concrete mixing time of water supply system

Water supply system is composed of motor, water pump, control valve, the suction valve and piping.

Starting the pump, the water injection can be mixed cone, mixing water can concrete, controlled by the electronic control system of time relay pump running time to grasp, when the spin button to "control" position, the pump will be according to the set time and automatically stop running.When the spin button to "manual" location, can be continuous water supply.

The chassis

(4) of the concrete mixing time

Chassis for welding structure.Lower loaded tire two, front traction rod for towing line.

(5) electrical system of concrete mixing time

JZC250 concrete mixer equipped with electric control box, on the whole, the action button and time relay are installed on the door, and is equipped with protective cover.

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