Workplace Assessment Essay

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Workplace Assessment
Ball Memorial Hospital’s rehabilitation unit will examine how various motivational strategies affect productivity in the job. The certified nurse’s aide (CNA) has many responsibilities some programs implemented in the hospital that affect the CNA are. Tuition reimbursement is one program Ball Memorial Hospital has. Another program is the quit smoking program and yet another is the weight loss program.
The nurse’s aide is the back bone of healthcare. The aide does all patient care regarding the activities of daily living (ADL’s). The slave of healthcare is the nurse’s aide. One aide is quoted saying when asked what a CNA does she stated, “I am a people ...view middle of the document...

• Anything else that needs to be done (Nursing Assistant Central, 2000-2008)!”

Nurse’s aides also assist the nurse with whatever the nurse thinks he or she needs. The aide being the lowest man or woman on the totem pole is looked down upon and many think that the aides are nursing student flunkies without the nurse’s aides the place would literally fall apart for the nurse would not do that work for that work is beneath them. Communication is a big factor in working as a nurse’s aide. The aide needs to communicate with the nurse and the patient throughout the day. Three programs the aides can use are the weight loss, the stop smoking and the tuition reimbursement.
The tuition reimbursement program helps to advance the leaders of tomorrow. This program is selected by job performance, attendance and type of position. Ball Memorial Hospital also looks at the program one is taking to see if that program will benefit them. The person selected must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA).
The employees generally like this program; however, the employees that are not chosen become upset and disgruntled. Others are upset because only so many are chosen; also, the employees get upset when they want to go to school for a different area such as nursing but the tuition reimbursement is not available for their job or type of position. The aides get upset for more tuition reimbursement is given to the nurses to further their education. The employees chosen get upset when because of scheduling or the class is extremely hard and they are only able to achieve a 1.8 therefore getting dropped from the tuition reimbursement program.
Another program at Ball Memorial Hospital is the stop smoking program. Smokers are already upset and disgruntled because their right of choice has been taken away; this makes stopping smoking even harder for smokers. Smokers are being discriminated against already for they cannot smoke anywhere on the grounds; they have to cross the street to smoke. If caught a 50 dollar fine is imposed for the first offense. This is upsetting to the smokers and makes the smokers want to smoke even more. On the other hand, nonsmokers do not care one way or the other about this program. Some see this as a waste of money if the smoker’s wanted to stop they would. Smoker’s ready to quit applaud the program. Not only are the smoker’s killing themselves but the second hand smoke is killing many others.
• “increased absenteeism
• decreased productivity
• higher insurance premiums (health, fire)
• higher cleaning costs
• increased property damage resulting from tobacco use by smoking employees (Ban Workplace Smoking, 2007).
Working as an aide one basically manages oneself in that they are working on their own and have an assignment that tells them what needs to be done, when to take a lunch and breaks. Although the nurse is one’s supervisor and may have more tasks for one to complete so one...

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