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Different people have different opinions in the workplace values for their work position. Finding a job which emphasizes on the same values as the potential employee is an ideal situation. But first everyone should have a list of workplace values with rankings before comparing them to what a work position can offer. Next I am going to talk about the top four workplace values of mine and why they are important to me.

When I look for a job, the first thing I look for in the job description is whether I am competent to the tasks and what qualifications I might need further development on. If I could only find myself qualified for half of the tasks, very likely I would not look any further on ...view middle of the document...

It is a common argument for many people because it determines the nature of position in a very important way. Some people prefer to focus on one or two duties which they can gain enough experience soon and eventually tackle the similar tasks in a breeze; however, repetition seems to be one inevitable outcome in many cases. In comparison, I am more open to the opposite side of the universe where there is extensive diversity in the daily duties. In my opinion, this diversity in duties give one the freshness and the feeling of a break so that the diversified work life does not feel as singular as its counterpart. Moreover, to be considered a valuable employee to the company, one must be flexible to the changes in duties as well as the changes in personality and work habits of the co-workers. Working in diversified work duties is only the first step to help one develop the adaptability to the changing workplace. Lastly, having the opportunity to work on different duties can potentially lead to new skills or ideas of getting things done in more effective manner. I know a few of my friends had such experience, which they managed to learn new time management skills by taking extra responsibility in their career. In summary, working in variety of duties opens a door to many more opportunities.

Another value I have equally high regard on is whether the workplace encourages continuous development of the staff. Some examples include seminars or trainings of different length on various topics related to workplace performance, skill development, team building, conflict management and etc. Sometimes it can be as simple as allowing employees to try new ways of finishing the work tasks and never mind the tolerable mistakes. These activities are...

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