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There are many definitions that describe workplace violence, the one that was most accurate was written by Jon Richards. He defined workplace violence as “Incidents where staff are abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances related to their work, including commuting to and from work, involving an explicit or implicit challenge to their safety, well-being or health”. Workplace violence includes not only physical but also non-physical violence. For example; workplace violence includes physical assault, homicide, robbery, verbal abuse, bullying/mobbing, swearing, shouting, sexual and racial harassment, name calling, threats, interfering with work tools and ...view middle of the document...

Specific behaviors of concern that should increase vigilance for coworkers and supervisors include sadness, depression, threats, menacing or erratic behavior, aggressive outbursts, references to weaponry, verbal abuse, inability to handle criticism, hypersensitivity to perceived slights, and offensive commentary or jokes referring to violence. These behaviors when observed in clusters and coupled with diminished work performance (as manifested by increased tardiness or absences, poor coworker relations, and decreased productivity) may suggest a heightened violence potential.”(Romano, Levi-Minzi, Rugala &

Van-Hasslet, 2011). Not only paying attention to the behavior of the workers in working establishment important, but having supervisions on customer’s behavior when entering the working business is just as important.
Workplace violence is a very hard crime to classify whether or not it is increasing or decreasing. It is very hard to detect because not every victim reports there incident and when the victim does they could under/over report the incident. According the National Center for Victims of Workplace violence states “In 2011, 458 workplace homicides occurred, a decrease from 518 in 2010 and 542 in 2009. Since 1993, the number of workplace homicides declined 57 percent from 1,068 to 458.” ("Workplace violence”, 2012). Some characteristics according to The National Crime Victimization survey and the Census of Fatal Occupational injuries the offenders our to commit robbery (70%), coworker or former employee, against a spouse/ relative, white male, between the ages of 30-50, and the weapon is gun (80%), Stabbing (8.%), Beating/Kicking/Hitting (6.1%), Unknown (5.8%). The characteristics for victims are males (62.9%), white (77.9%), between the ages 25-49 (63.3%), married (47.2%). The victim to offender’s relationship: stranger (52.9%) then work relationship is (25.5%) but (16.3%) is by another coworker. (Harrell, 2011).
There are numerous cause and correlations of workplace violence. For instance the cause and correlations are measured by four major incident categories Criminal Intent, Customer and Client, Employee-on-Employee, and Personal Relationship. Mark Haynes describe the four major correlation of work violence. [Criminal intent workplace violence occurs when the perpetrator has no legitimate relationship to the business or its employees and attacks an employee. Usually the perpetrator are committing a crime and use a deadly weapon to further their cause. These crimes typically include some element of theft. Customer/client workplace violence occurs when the perpetrator is a customer or client of the employee and attacks that employee. Employee-on-employee workplace violence occurs when an employee attacks his or her co-worker. This category of only makes up about seven percent of all workplace violence. Since these incidents are most likely to involve workplace disputes, managers and supervisors are at a greater risk of being...

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