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World Civilizations: China Essay

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World Civilizations: China 002
October 11, 2010
China Week
During China week I attended two events, Opportunities to Study or Teach in China and the Traditional Chinese Dumpling Party. Theses event were a lot more interesting than I thought. After attending them I had wish I had went to more, but I found myself not having time to go. I wish they would have some event on the weekend. I had a lot of fun and leaned a little bit at these events and am going to go to more next year.
The Opportunities to Study and Teach in China event was on a Wednesday, it started at 9:55am and ended at 10:45am. Dr. David Ayers, the head director of the international programs, was speaking at this event. He was describing to us the trip they take every year to China for 3 weeks and South Korea for 1 week. He used a power point presentation and had ...view middle of the document...

Listening to Dr. Ayers, it reminded me off the things that we have discussed in class, like the Great Wall, the Iron Pagoda, and the opium trades. It also reminded me of when the student speaker came into our class to talk about her trip to China over the summer. It was really exciting to get to see more pictures of the stuff we talked about in class. I think going on a trip to China over the summer would be good time.
The second event I went to was the Traditional Chinese Dumpling party, which was on Friday. It started at 6:30pm and ended at 8:30pm. This was my favorite event that I attended, because I think I got to feel a little of what the Chinese culture is. This was the first time I had real handmade Chinese dumplings. I could see them being made and cooked right in front of my, they even had tables set up where you could learn how to make them. Included with the variety of dumplings was BBQ pork, Chinese vegetables (I think it was bok choy), small egg rolls (I do not remember the exact name of them), rice, and a Chinese soup. I liked everything for the most part besides the soup. I’ve never had a kidney beans soup before. It also had these round gummy things in them that were sweet, and I didn’t not like those either. The dumplings were delicious, they had three different kind. I was not told what they were so I cannot name them, but they were good. They also had karaoke there as well. I got to see a few Chinese people sing before I left, and to my surprise they were really good. They did not sound like I would have expected, it was really fun to watch.
Being at this event it reminded me about the times we talked about the Chinese culture and traditions in class. It felt like a family cooked the food for everyone to enjoy. We talked about how Chinese families get together and have fun and eat. Everyone was talking and having fun. Seeing and tasting the foods that Chinese people eat, made me feel like I was almost in China. The people who were conducting the dinner were really nice.

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