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Leadership may be defined as the relationship in which one person influences others to work together willingly on related tasks to attain goals desired by the leader or group. the most successful leader of any organization perform tasks and act in way that provides followers with satisfaction and fulfillment in performing the work required and reaching the objectives. one common word is " Where there is no vision, the people perish" Leaders give vision to their followers .
The Premier Bank ltd. Is my organization where i am working with a vision of "Service First. My organization believes in togetherness with its customers . To achieve the desired goal, there will be pursuit ...view middle of the document...

Creative employees and team players resent this type of leadership, since they are unable to enhance processes or decision making, resulting in job dissatisfaction.
3)Spiritual Leadership
Spiritual leadership is the role of guiding, encouraging and leading a group in spiritual and religious matters. Christian ministers leading worship services, or counseling those struggling with issues of faith, are good examples of spiritual leadership. Spiritual leadership also involves taking responsibility for the spiritual well being of others .Spiritual leadership is more than simply taking charge of a religious group. Gently guiding and encouraging each individual in their group to be in touch with their spirituality, overcome issues in their lives, and help them reach their spiritual potential is the duty of all spiritual leaders.
4)Authentic Leadership
Authentic leadership starts within you so that the outward expression of leadership is a direct reflection of your internal landscape – your awareness, understanding, and acceptance of yourself and others. Leadership encompasses purpose, vision, effective communication, intention, and service. It is moved by how and what you value, where you place your attention, and a total commitment to your integrity.
Our programs and services help you enhance and integrate all of your abilities and strengths, and reduce or eliminate what does not serve you. They are designed to help you lead yourself with purpose and passion so that you can be a powerful part of your family, work, and community - moving what is right about you into the world. Hence, our tag line: Your essence in action.
Authentic Leadership defined: Authenticity is knowing, and acting on, what is true and real inside yourself, your team and your organization and knowing and acting on what is true and real in the world. It is not enough to walk one’s talk if one is headed off, or leading one’s organization, community or nation, off a cliff
5)Transactional leadership
The transaction leader is given power to perform certain tasks and reward or punish for the team’s performance. It gives the opportunity to the manager to lead the group and the group agrees to follow his lead to accomplish a predetermined goal in exchange for something else. Power is given to the leader to evaluate, correct and train subordinates when productivity is not up to the desired level and reward effectiveness when expected outcome is reached.
Potential rewards include an increase in salary, promotions, and more benefits. Conversely, penalties may include pay cuts, demotions, and terminations. It can be seen that this type of leadership is not satisfactory for most situations. Indeed, one could say that transactional leadership behaviors do not even qualify for a "true" leadership label (Bryman, 1992). Since it is based on exchange, transactional leadership does not seek to motivate followers beyond the level that is required to avoid punishment or gain extrinsic...

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