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World History 4 Essay

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In urban societies one sometimes has no choice but to be around violence and be a witness to hate crimes. When violence and hate crimes are all that one knows they usually grow up and become just that, a violent and hateful person. Some other reasons one would become violent is they could be using drugs, could have low self-esteem issues, or could even be going through physical or verbal abuse at home. One could reduce themselves to hate crimes because of his or her perceived social group (gang), racial group, and sexual orientation.
Most violent people were not born that way. They more than likely went through something as a child or were just trying to fit in with the wrong group of people. They start using drugs and the brain started to function differently as they listened and did bad things others asked of them. One usually see these things in their homes and its usually the guys that get effected and become violent. They learn from relatives ...view middle of the document...

This is called verbal abuse and it can easily turn into physical violence cause the person that is getting bullied can get tired and feel they have to retaliate by fighting.
According to and other cites anti-black hate crimes are the most frequently reported hate crimes reported. The election of President Obama caused anti-black hate crimes to rise , which went up from 2,658 in 2007 to 2,876 in 2008. Most anti-black hate crimes are usually because, whites or other races feel that blacks are not suppose to play an important role in society besides. Blacks are also used as scapegoats. Blacks are often blamed for most social problems, such as poverty, gang violence etc. those are just some examples of hate crimes against racial groups.
Homosexuals are also a group that hate crimes are targeted at. I feel that some people discriminate and harass homosexuals because they are scared to come out and say that they are homosexuals themselves. Therefore, they pick at others and try to make them feel as if what they are doing is wrong. According to more than 40 percent of homosexuals and bisexuals report having been attacked because of their sexual orientation sometime during their life. This is because the person attacked is often scared the person will come and hurt them worst than they did before, so they jus pretend that nothing has happened and try to go on with their everyday life.
All these problems can be resolved if everyone would consider the fact that everyone has feelings and you cannot go around treating people how you feel they deserve to be treated. Violence can be reduced in urban neighborhoods, if there was a recreation center in each neighborhood teaching kids and young adults that they can be better than what they see everyday if they stay in school, go to college and make something of themselves. Then they could come back and make a change. Hate crimes can also be reduced if the people that are doing the hate crimes would stop and think about the reason they are doing them and how they are affecting another human beings life. With that being said, we should all just get along and treat each other equally.

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