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In Order to Become a More Perfect Union…
“Land ho!” cries the watchman from the crow’s nest. After several antagonizing months, the settlers aboard the Mayflower give a cheer of happiness as they look past the sea ready to embrace their new home. We ask ourselves, who were these people – these “Pilgrims” – who dared make this treacherous journey from England to the New World? Were they kings, duchesses, barons, or priests? The answer is no; every one of them were ordinary citizens who were motivated by their beliefs and desires for a better life free of religious persecution. This is the same spirit that drives America today; each and every American citizen has praxis of an ...view middle of the document...

However we are this group of people, for this obligation lays with us, the common man, hoi polloi. Because the common man brought us to this pinnacle of success, so the common man should also bring us out from the nadir of depression. As William Greider puts it, “We have a chance to dream. I think we have an obligation.”
Progress is not measured by the amount of success we have, but rather the amount of failure we encounter before achieving it. For example, Moses Austin’s goal was to settle the Mexican state of Texas with Anglicans to establish a new colony. After numerous petitions sent to the Mexican government, the legislature finally granted Austin the permission to settle the Anglicans. However, much of Moses Austin’s health and well-being was spent on trying to lobby for the charter, and he died in the early 1830s. However, his dream continued to live on in the hands of his son Stephen F. Austin. The younger Austin kept his father’s promise and finally brought the first 300 English families to Texas. Had Moses Austin not dreamed of settling Texas, Texas may as well belong to Mexico today instead of the United States.
While the signers of the United States Constitution intend for the establishment of “a more perfect union”, many more obstacles remained in America’s path before she could finally achieve that degree of perfectibility. Such is the case of the Great Depression, which started on October 29, 1929 after the Wall Street stock market crashed and hit rock bottom. The young nation went from the Roaring Twenties, a period of triumph and rapture to a place of despair and failure. The economy remained stagnant and the economy slowly collapsed. Many Americans lost their savings and property during this time, and with it their joy and hope. However, the deus ex machina in the form of Franklin Delano Roosevelt stepped up and decided to bring this country out of this quagmire. With his clever New Deal project, the American economy slowly started to get back on its feet and Americans once again could take control of their lives. Such is the case of ordinary individuals who are motivated and willing to improve the quality of America’s lifestyle that America remains as it is today.
Now then, what will society turn out to be had people not spoken out? We turn to author and philosopher Ayn Rand as she delineates the oppressed post-apocalyptic society of the protagonist Equality in her novel Anthem. Equality is a common individual who dared to dream big. Because of this, the Elders, the “special” group of individuals “chosen” to lead this society, often punished him. However Equality was motivated by his desire to improve upon his society and become that beacon of light for others to follow. Therefore, he decided to make an electric conductor to produce bright flashes of light, which he thought should replace the gas lighters that society currently had. After numerous attempts, he finally produced an intense spark...

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