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World Issues Essay

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“Republicans are against abortion until their daughters need one, Democrats are for abortion until their daughter wants one” (McGarvie, 2010). This issue has raised awareness across the globe and has raised many debates concerning it. The extremely controversial topic at hand is abortion. Abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of a fetus or embryo from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death. In simple language it is the removal of the growing human being inside of a female body. This is not an easy process the patient has to suffer from a lot of pain due to the process of the abortion itself. The patient does not only suffer bodily but ...view middle of the document...

It fits the criteria that scientists use to define a living thing; however, it is allowed to be executed without a second thought. “When a fetus is terminated, it undergoes large amounts of torture. For instance, within 14 weeks of pregnancy the body of the child must be variously severed, and in the 16th week of pregnancy the child much be poisoned for removal” (Abortion Procedure Information, 1995). The death of a person can be painful, but the means in which a child must go through in order to end its life is torture. Throughout history, such as the holocaust and Rwanda, individuals found massacre of the innocent monstrous; however, everyone watches the deaths of the unborn children every day without a second glance as if it as anything different from those very killings. The persons that undergo abortion look at themselves as saints as they think they are doing the child a favour. A person believes that abortion is the end of one’s suffering, yet it is undergoing excruciating pain due to the procedure. Abortion is inhumane. People expect the world to become a better place, and hope for it to become much more of a developed civilization in the future. Strangely enough, how can we expect this to happen when we are watching innocent unborn die every day as if it is nothing immoral. Like Mother Theresa states “If we accept that a mother can even kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching love, but to use violence to get what they want.” ("Mother Teresa of Calcutta quotes,” 2010)

("Fat Knowledge: World Abortion Statistics. December 12 2010")
This image is a map of the world displaying how many countries in the world allow abortion, are against abortion, allow it to protect life and health and permitted on socio economic grounds. This map shows the abortion laws across the world from 2009. From my observation I noticed that North America and Russia are the largest areas and have the least restrictive laws for abortion. Smaller areas such as South America and Africa are the ones that are totally against abortion. Abortion is a well known issue across the globe .

The government legalized abortion in 1988 causing uproar and the down spiralling of human accountability. “Nearly half of the pregnancies are unexpected and 4/10 end in abortion without any need of granting a motion. In Canada alone, from 1994 to 2010, nearly 2 million innocent lives were terminated through abortion, about 21 000 per year, and those are only the ones that were legally documented” (Abortion Canada, 2010).

(“Eternity Matters,” December 11 2010)
This is image shows a comparison between number of capital punishments per week and number of abortions per week. This just explains how many more innocent lives are taken compared to ones that have committed crime. This graphs shows that individuals of society would rather kill an innocent soul than one who’s guilty or some extreme crime.

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