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World Of Ideas Essay

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All through history there were many different forms of government that were practiced all over the world such as communism, anarchy, democracy, and a monarchy. There were few governments that worked, while many others were overthrown or went to war like Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship. There were many famous philosophers in the mid 1700s such as Lao-Tzu, Rousseau, and Machiavelli. What does society expect from their leaders? What change do they want to see? What kind of government would be better for the people that allows them to practice their freedom, all while having laws that govern them? During this time period Rousseau’s philosophy is the best choice to establish a more successful ...view middle of the document...

In actuality, society would eventually rebel and the government would soon crumble. But in Rousseau’s government people voices would be heard and opinions would be token into consideration. This is more rational because it’s only natural to have difference in opinions and stand up for what you believe in.
Another reason why Rousseau is the best choice to establish a more successful government is because he regulates the laws and rules. When there is law in a society you automatically have stability. According to his laws, no person’s rights shall be violated. If so, one will suffer the consequences. This creates fairness and equality among the people and one can not rule the other. His laws also offer fairness and justice. Without justice, people cannot define what is wrong from right and this will cause a slow destruction of government.
Lao-Tzu believed that there should be fewer laws and less control over people because he wants people to make their own choices/decisions. In his Tao-te Ching he sates “the master/act without doing anything/and teaches without saying anything”, (Tzu p22). In saying this he allows people to make all their own decisions and when assistance is need, they can go to their master for help. An absence of laws means people and society will be in utter chaos. They could do as they please without any punishment. Rousseau’s government would prevent majority or all chaos.
An additional reason as to why Rousseau’s government is more fit is because he recognizes moral inequality and wants to fix it. He explains in the Discourse on equality, how naturally good man is and how they are corrupted only by his/her own perfectibility and the harmful elements of his ability for reason. He separates inequality into two states: natural and...

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