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World’s Waste Pollution Essay

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World’s Waste Pollution
Over five billion people are settled on this planet and nearly everyone generates wastes whether it’s food, plastic and much more. All across the globe, garbage is placed into a dump. A dump is a place where trash is thrown on the ground or inside a hole. The world is burdened by waste as mankind generates more waste than ever. However, now a day there is an excessive use of dumps which could pollute new building grounds as well as cause health hazards for people working nearby. With a harmful facility like this, there are also limitations. The world is experiencing rapid growth in human population including rapid divergence. Therefore, there is an increase in ...view middle of the document...

Landfill, which is a common form of waste disposal, is another method where trash is buried underground covered with a thick layer of soil. Burying waste takes up hundreds of acres of land which could be used for building houses or growing food. Landfills are harmful because they can contaminate ground water. As trash in landfill decays, it forms a poisonous liquid called leachate. Landfill leachate is a main threat imposed to the environment. Leachate contains germs and chemicals which can make people to become extremely sick due to its high strength of contamination. It is highly dangerous if it escapes from landfills and gets into water supplies. On the other hand, open dumps are much more destructive than landfills or incineration. Open dumps are poorly cited as they have no leachate management. Open dumps results to environmental contamination and polluted groundwater as well. Many industries also developed a method of dumping toxic waste into water affecting water pollution. Toxic waste harms many plants and animals in the ocean and it impacts the whole aquatic life. When toxic waste is consumed by an organism, it can rapidly be passed along the food chain and may end up in our seafood, also affecting human health. Toxic waste gets into oceans by leaking of landfills or unmanaged waste. Waste also poses many other threats to our community as it impacts every member of...

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