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World Trade Center Essay

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World Trade Center 1
World Trade Center
Roberto J Marquez
CGD 218
Benjamin Newsome
April 26, 2010

World Trade Center 2

World Trade Center
The World Trade Center in New York City was first thought up in 1946. Even
though a bill was passed for the project, the plans were put on hold in 1949 due
to the poor economy. David ...view middle of the document...

On August 3, 1966 all parties were satisfied and the Port
Authority would make yearly payments to the City instead of taxes. The payment
would increase as the real estate tax increased.

On September 20, 1962 Minoru Yamasaki was hired as architect and Emery Roth
& Sons were brought on as associate architects. Because of the Port Authority’s
requirement to build a 10 million square feet office space, Yamasaki had to
change his design for the twin towers 80 stories to 110 stories.

With the twin towers being so tall, it would cause the elevators a major
problem. Yamasaki and his team came up with a new system that would
incorporate sky lobbies. That is where passengers can use a large elevator and
transfer to a smaller elevator. “This allowed the local elevators to be stacked
within the sane elevator shafts.” The sky lobbies were on the 44th and 78th floors
for each tower. By doing this the amount of elevator shafts was reduced. This
system was based off the same idea of the New York City Subway system. There
are 95 total elevators at the World Trade Center. Yamasaki had a fear of heights
and he wanted to make the occupants feel secure, so he used narrow office
windows in the buildings construction. Yamasaki also had gothic modernist

World Trade Center 4

tendencies and to show that he designed the buildings facades sheathed in
aluminum – alloy.

There were seven total buildings for the World Trade Center. The twin towers
and four smaller high rises were constructed by the early 1970’s. The seventh
was built in the 1980’s.

Worthington, Skilling, Helle & Jackson was the engineering firm that developed
the tube – frame structural system used to build the twin towers. “The Port
Authority Engineering Department served as foundation engineers, Joseph R.
Loring & Associates as electrical engineers, and Jaros, Baum & Bolles as
mechanical engineers. Tishman Reality & Construction Company was the general
contractors. Guy F. Tozzoli director of the World Trade Department at the Port
Authority, and Rino M. Monti, the Port Authority’s Chief Engineer, oversaw the
project.” By using the new tube – frame design for the interior supports, they
could now use open floor plans instead of the traditional columns. For the
exterior supports they used steel columns called Vierendecl Trusses. By spacing
them close together it helped build a strong wall structure to hold up to wind
loads and help with the gravity load with the core columns. They would prefab

World Trade Center 5

the wall pieces and then when on site they would connect then with...

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