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Blake Watson
James & Kathleen
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World Views/Benefits from Hinduism & Buddhism
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Although Hinduism and Buddhism are third world country religions that most of us are not familiar with, does not mean we cannot benefit or get something out of them ourselves, whether we believe in them or not. Here in this essay i will be talking about the similarities and differences that contrast ...view middle of the document...

To sum up the purpose of Buddhism would be dedicating your whole life to learning and practicing the teachings of the Enlightened Buddha to end all suffering.
Blake Watson
James & Kathleen
Hum 140 & Eng 101
5 Page Essay Final

For Hinduism in the mortal life get good and bad karma. (Karma corresponds with the good and bad the person has done in their life.) The karma starts “taking action” when the person dies and is apparently reborn in the next life. (Reincarnation) The goal of Hinduism is called “Moksha”, meaning somewhat of a form of being free or released from “Samsara”. You can only do this by forgetting about all your mortal desires while living on earth and becoming one with the universal soul which contains all.
The cycle of reincarnation is considered suffering according to Hindus because dying and being released from Samsara is the ultimate goal. So basically to Hundi practitioners it means that “You will no longer have to endure the repeated pain and suffering of earthly existence” (Guest speaker Kelsang Tsoglam) by going through 31 planes which are considered different levels of hell and can be reborn into. Basically Hinduism and Buddhism think or believe that a human soul can be reborn or reincarnated into many beings such as a human again, or a plant or animal. The main goal for them is to end the pain or suffering of reincarnation by leaving the cycle of living, dying and rebirth. Being human technically means its in a form of a cycle that you yourself need to work hard to get out of rather than sliding by along one set bath to salvation.
The one big difference is that Hindus believe in many gods, “According to the old scriptures about 330,000,000 of them.” (In Class Documentary on Hinduism). On the other hand Buddhists do not worship gods or deities, they only believe in the enlightened Buddha. Both religions have very different concepts of how to or how they personally worship which varies on the practitioners. Hindus all go into a form of worship called “Hatha Yoga” which is one of the many forms of Yoga (But is the most accurate to Hinduism) that people know or use around the world. For us the most common form of Yoga known to us is described as “Conjured images of shaggy men in

Blake Watson
James & Kathleen
Hum 140 & Eng 101
5 Page Essay Final

loincloths, twisting their bodies into human...

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