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Repeal the PPACA

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Why ObamaCare Does Not, Work 6
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President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obama Care into law to ensure American citizens’ healthcare is protected. The law includes a series of healthcare provision systems that will have a dramatic effect on the American people due to increased fiscal and economic ...view middle of the document...

In the year 2009 and 2010, President Obama and his fellow democrats stated that the healthcare service reforms were a key aspect to end the unjust act of denying insurance coverage to citizens with pre-existing conditions (Gross, 2011). It is a well known fact that the ObamaCare prohibits insurers from charging high medical costs to people with pre-existing conditions. The new reforms incentivize healthy citizens not to carry healthcare insurance as they are already guaranteed medical access when they fall sick. The PPACA divorces prices from relative risk by prohibiting health insurance firms from setting high premiums for patients with pre-existing conditions. PPACA serves as a form of price control in the provision of healthcare services. This threatens the entire health insurance industry through the new policies. Moreover, ObamaCare imposes increased taxes and financial constrains to the American citizens and business organizations.
The negative impacts of this plan include punitive taxes charged on citizens without health insurance, strict conditions on the private healthcare saving accounts, and expensive new accounting and IRS reporting mandates. The features of this new healthcare law mandating citizens to purchase health insurance and punitive tax levies to those without, implies an improper, and unconstitutional federal law as it dictates to citizens . ObamaCare also disrupts health insurance markets, because insurance exchange burdens are established to compel employers to end the company sponsored medical programs over the state run Medicaid 1programs. PPACA incentivizes employers and individuals in the states to drop their medical care coverage over the tax payer subsidized plans thus; lowering their living standards due to economic constrains. It is difficult to disagree that the American legislation should repeal the ObamaCare law to ensure future developments of the overall people in the states.

Broken promises

The American legislation should repeal the ObamaCare law and replace it with a new medical plan aimed to deliver accessible, quality care, and affordable services to all people. New medical reforms to increase both patient autonomy and competition among providers and insures to start to end the madness. The ObamaCare law fails to address the significant reasons that medical care costs are skyrocketing and the health insurance policy out of reach for the majority of the population. The government decree to cut costs and expand medical insurance cover will fail as already negative impacts mounting. The way to lower costs and increase free market competition is patients’ own control on medical services. President Obama after elections wanted to be the first American leader to achieve a federal reform of the American health care system, after seventy five years since the law proposed. He promised to expand coverage to all citizens and Americans embraced the idea as it would not change their plans.

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