World War Ii Breaks Out In Europe (Written As A News Article)

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As the War in Europe has let out I would like to give you an up to date profile on the War and how it came about, for those of you that are a little confused.In 1921 Adolf Hitler became the leader of National Socialist "Nazi" Party. In 1939 on September 1, Hitler and the Nazi party led Germany into invade ...view middle of the document...

Germany quickly overpowered Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France in 1940. However, they did not overpower the UK thanks to the royal air force and royal navy.Hitler, then turned on the Soviet Union, attacking them on June 22, 1941. But they returned attack by capturing the German sixth army and defeated the Axis during the great tank Battle of Kursk. They also, broke the Siege of Leningrand, it lasted three years. On the 30th of April 1945 Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker.During the War millions of Jews, Roma, and many others died in a Nazi genocide. A big part of the reason of this War is a rise in nasionalisim, militarisim, and unresolved territorial issues.Well, that should give you an overview of what has happened thus far.

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