World War Ii: Pear Harbor Attack

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On December 7, 1941 Attacked the U.S., drawing the U.S. To declare war on Germany, Italy, and Japan, forever changing the course of history. Japan had begun to rely more and more for raw materials like oil for new machines being made to make the production level of goods quicker, thus enabling a more profitable economy. They needed oil from outside sources because their land lacked all these things greatly, since the country was an island its natural resources where made up of rice and fish, hence the fisherman dependent society.

Even with these difficulties, Japan began to build a successful empire with a solid industrial foundation and a good army and navy. The military became highly ...view middle of the document...

These Southeast Asian countries contained many of the natural resources that needed to place them in a better position, economically. Now that these countries seemed so worried about matters over in Europe, Japan felt that it should seize the opportunity to take over some of the European colonies.

At the same time in the United States, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to stop the expansion of Germany and Japan, but many others in the government wanted to leave the situation alone. They thought that if they just left the nations alone that they would be kept innocent and not entangled with wars with the German and Japanese armies. The United States began to supply materials to the countries at war with Germany and Japan, but it wanted to remain neutral to prevent and overseas war. Yet the Germans did not find their intentions neutral at all, they believed that if they were truly neutral no exchanges of goods would be made. “Meanwhile, Germany, Italy, and Japan formed the Axis Alliance in September of 1940.” Japan was becoming desperate for more natural resources. In July of 1941, Japan made the decision to try and make sure they access of resources were surely at their grasp. It was afraid that it could not defeat the larger and stronger Western powers. It needed to build up its armies in order to stay in the war. It also had to worry, because if the US would find out the Japanese plan they would not be very fond and that would place Japan in a vulnerable state. Yet it was necessary, so Japan continued on and began their seizure with southern Indochina. The United States was in strict opposition to Japan's plans, and began their reaction with an embargo on the shipment of oil to Japan. Oil was necessary to keep Japan's industrial factories productive. Without it, Japan's industrial and military forces would come to a stop in only a short time. Japan's government viewed the oil embargo as an act of war.

Throughout the next few months of 1941, the United States tried to come to some kind of resolve with Japan to settle their differences. Japan wanted the United States to lift the oil embargo and allow them to attempt a takeover of China. The United States refused to lift the embargo until Japan would back off of their aggression with China. Neither country would budge on their demands, nor did war seem to be inevitable.

The United States regarded Japan's refusal to budge on their stance as a sign of hostility. They too realized that war could erupt. They responded to this possibility of war with Japan by adding to the military forces stationed in the Pacific. General Douglas MacArthur and his ground forces in the Philippines began to organize into an army capable of war. The B-17 was just arriving at many air force bases throughout the country, and was a great confidence to MacArthur upon its arrival. MacArthur became so confident in his forces stationed in the Philippines that on December 5, 1941, he said, "Nothing would please me...

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