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World War Ll Essay

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World War II
* Hitler
* 4/20/1889
* Vienna at age 19
* Snubbed by artists and begins to develop his anti-Semitic feelings
* Saw himself as a pure German
* Resented people in power
* 1913- Moved to Germany and sold paintings
* Twice won Iron Cross for Bravery
* 1919- Member of German Workers Party (Nazis)
* Against Weimer Republic and Treaty of Versailles
* Considered radicals by most Germans
* Beer Hall Putsch-1923
* • Nazis attempted an “Unsuccessful” takeover of Germany which started in a Beer Hall in Munich
* Hitler sentenced to 5 years in prison
* Served less than a year
* Wrote ...view middle of the document...

Perry opens Japan in 1853 with “Gunboat Diplomacy”
* Japanese become very impressed with Western technology
* Hurry Up Period (1853-1941)
* Use Western materials and technology to try to catch up with other countries
* Felt inferior to West
* Japanese Leader: Emperor Hironhito and Hideki Tojo (established military government)
* Japan invades Manchuria and China
* U.S.S. Panay
* First military encounter with Japanese
* Japan fires on American ship in China
* Embargo of 1940
* Americans upset with Japanese Empire with use of American Imports
* FDR imposes embargo on American imports to Japan unless leave China
* Ceases shipment of oil and other supplies
* Japanese assets are frozen in U.S.
* Japan’s Options
* Bow to U.S. demands and get out of Manchuria and China

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