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Alexondra McQueen
Christian worldview
Brett Berger

My Christian worldview

I believe that God created the world and everything in it, he made all things perfect because he is omniscient. God gave his son Jesus to the world in order for us to be able to have ever lasting life. God reveals himself to us through the bible and personal encounters. The nature of god shows through our morals , beliefs, and character because as a Christian you aim to be Christ like. You know what you know what personal experiences, by having the same experiences but becomes your norm which leads you to believe that you know this knowledge that you gained You know when something is true based on intuition ...view middle of the document...

I view Christ as omniscient , knowing that he knows everything about me I fully trust in him. I trust that Christ will interfere in all areas of my life and allow the best outcome to happen. I hold Christ in high regards ; furthermore, I try to live a Christ like life. Christ is a major part of my life so I aim not to do anything that would be displeasing in his eyes. I feel like living a Christ like life not only is pleasing to Christ but it also challenges me to be the best person possible. My perception of the world is that it is made up of believers and non believers. I live my life in a way that I feel I was called to live however I make sure I don’t force my beliefs on anyone who doesn’t care to receive them.
My biblical knowledge allows me to short out what is fact or fiction when it comes to the bible. There are times when someone questions me about how I know that God is real and my response to them is that the bible is real to me and I hold everything in the bible to be true. The bible is a book that facts base on life before during and after Christ. I don’t let the world tell me what is and isn’t true about Christ because I hold...

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