Worldview Assignment

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Worldview Assignment

I. Part One:

Coming up with the meaning of the ‘worldview’ seems difficult because there can be many meanings to many different people. Weltanschauung meaning, “our intuiton of the world” was first shown by Immanuel Kant in 1970 (Weider and Gutierrez, 2011). A worldview to me is the full understanding of the decisions we make. It is the emotions, the will, and the intellect behind every decision. It is our view of the world.

II. Part Two:

1. The Question of Origin asks “How did life begin?” and “How did mankind come into existence?” (Weider and Gutierrez, 2011). In the biblical/Christian worldview, God created all. He is the answer to why ...view middle of the document...

In John 17:3, he shows how important it is to find salvation. The greatest verse that I believe shows how detrimental salvation is, is in Mathew 19:25-26, where he clearly states that with God anything is possible.

4. The Question of Morality or Ethics asks the questions of “What is the meaning behind what is right and wrong?” and “What is the correct way to live?”. For some, people weren’t born with a preconceived idea that God exists and they don’t know what to believe as right and wrong. In a biblical and Christian worldview, morality and ethics are based on God’s holy standard. Christains believe man is born a sinner (Psalm 51:5) and cannot save himself (Weider and Gutierrez, 2011). They believe that through salvation and complete faith in Jesus Christ, will lead them to true salvation (Ephesians 2:8-10).

5. The Question of Destiny is the final question. It asks about life after death and what happens after we die. For Christains, they believe in two eternal states after we die: Heaven or Hell. Heaven is a place where they believe people exist eternally in presence and blessings of God (Revelation 21:1-7). Hell is a place they believe to be separated from God, being punished forever (Revelation 20:11-15). In the biblical worldview, your choice as to...

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