Write A 1,050 To 1,400 Word Essay To Your Manager Or Human Resources Person Using The Persuasion Argumentation Writing Strategy

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Collaborative writing uses the same basic writing processes as Individual writing: Prewriting; brainstorming; topic selecting; revising; proof reading; and editing. The main difference is that in collaborative writing the individual processes are divided between group members. “Shared-document collaboration involves collaborators producing a shared document, engaging in substantive interaction about that document, and sharing decision-making power and responsibility for it.” (Sage Journals Online, 1987)

In the majority of cases, collaborative writing occurs in business situations. The department director or shift supervisor will designate the team members for the project. The ...view middle of the document...

Each team member will have a voice to offer suggestions for improvement and criticisms requiring revision or change. Collaborative writing offers a distinct advantage over individual writing during this phase. Multiple team members are able to catch more mistakes and offer a larger variety of suggestions than can an individual person. Although an individual writer has the benefit of being in complete control, the collaboration will have more ideas and additional input opportunities. The collaboration will be at risk for interpersonal conflict, whereas the individual will not. In collaborative writing, the focus is on communication with team members. For the project to be successful, each team member must make his or her work available to the others for review.

Proofreading of a collaborative writing project is similar to that of an individual writing project. The work must be read and assessed for errors. As with editing, group members post their work for the team to review. Proofreading is specifically intended to catch grammatical errors and can be performed by...

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