Write A Descriptive Essay On How You Spent The Summer.(Preparation For College) "When Common Sense Fails"

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On a hot sultry summer day in the dog days of August an intense heat was stagnant over the island. This kind of heat was one that could fry egg on concrete. My best friend George found two battery powered toy cars that children across the street used to play with everyday. The two cars were worn out so much that the electronic wires and cover were dragging on the floor. The cars must have laid outside where a weeks worth of rain created an odor equal to a skunk's stench. We took off the safety mechanisms and brought the two cars up the hill where we held races, sometimes we would tie a rope to our bikes to tow the toy cars. We didn't care about injury. We needed something to do that was ...view middle of the document...

He asked my other friends to ride their bikes and they let him performing new exotic tricks for us.Jeff tried to do one of his tricks the net result was the bike rolling down the hill out of control hitting a parked car. The alarm went off and triggered other car alarms, the block sounded like a crime scene in broad daylight. We all turned around and directed our attention toward Jeff and began to laugh, we walked away but the biker stayed. When I turned around I saw the new kid slowly inching away kind of suspiciously. I turned my head toward Jeff and laughed, then turned around and saw my bike rolling down the hill at the velocity a car would travel on a highway. It then hit my like a ton of bricks unfortunately he was stealing my bike, so I picked up his bike and launched my self-going just as fast as he was. Although, he was a half a block in front of me I began to creep up on him. The handlebars on his bike where moving up and down accentuating the thought of me falling of the bike. I worked really hard for that bike I had all the motivation possible to do what ever it took, even if it means passing a busy intersection blindly not caring whether a car hits me or not. The hill ended simultaneously as the sun began to set. From a distance which was only a half a block I saw him turn into a busy intersection I followed after him almost crashing into a crowd of people. I then glanced around and noticed he was no where to be found. I picked one of the three ways that he potentially could have gone but he was nowhere to be found. The disappointment in my...

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