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Writing About Extended Marketing Mix Essay

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The Extended Marketing Mix also known as the 7 P’s of the marketing mix. The Original 4 P’s of marketing is consists 4 original elements or specific topics. Created by Edmund Jerome McCarthy an American Marketing Professor in 1960’s simplified the marketing mix concepts of these 4 Specific elements.

The four elements of marketing mix is:

1. Product (or Service): In this Portion we discuss the aspects of the products deal the specification of actual good of product or services. We have to think what does the customers or clients need. Also we have to think what the customer satisfies. What feature does the product have to meet such need? As a Provider we have to know what features have ...view middle of the document...

We also have the knowledge about Intangibility, Storage & Transportation,
Attendant Cost, Promotional is crucial.

Now We discuss about the three extended P’s. It is created by Bernard Boom & Mary Bitner in 1981.

Three extended P’s

5. People: People means all people directly or indirectly involved in the service. Mainly the farm contact employees, personal or others customers. In the others words any person that comes into contact with your customers making impression. The reputation of your product or brand rest in the hand of the people. Good products promotion is made automatically by the people to the other people. People can prove a product successful or fail. The contact employees contribute to the service by creating a favorable image for the farm.

6. Process: The Process of the delivering a service and behavior of those deliver crucial to customer’s satisfaction issues. Such as in the buying time the information given to the customers and the helpful behavior of the staff members. Customers are interested to know the details of the product in the time of buying. Rather they can understand the service is better and need for them...

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