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Writing Class Proposal Sample Essay

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Prepared for
Donald Brady
Chief Operating Officer
DartNet, Inc.

Prepared by
Pam Lee, Manager
Montgomery Office
American Internal Medical Services, LLC

April 2, 2011

Patient and Schedule Delays Are Causing a Loss in Revenue

Over the last three weeks patient volumes were monitored and schedules were tracked for delays, reschedules, and cancellations. On average 250 patients are seen weekly. US census bureau - state & county quick facts. (2011, October 27), Approximately 80 of these patients were senior citizens and 64 of these patients were late or rescheduled their appointments. ...view middle of the document...

Physicians are personally invested in the care of their patients and will appreciate that our organization also feels the need to fulfill this obligation.

There are specific insurance companies, such as Medicare, that will cover the cost of transportation depending on the situation. There are also flexible spending benefits that will cover this cost. The company currently has two multi passenger vans that are no longer being used since the layoff of the couriers. Therefore, this would require little start up costs and we would charge a small fee for these patients whose insurance will not cover the cost of transportation to and from our facility.

According to the US Census Bureau (2010), 10% of Charles County’s population is age 65 or older. This number is only expected to increase. A company sponsored transportation service would allow for a better use of company time by patients and staff alike.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3
Executive Summary 4
Introduction 5
A Snapshop of Senior Citizens in Montgomery, MD 6
Transportation Needs of the Senior Citizen 7
Effects of the Late Patient on Office Workflow 7
Summary of the Benefits of a Company Sponsored Transportation Services 8
Projected Annual Costs 9
Recommendations 10-11
Conclusion 12
References 13


The purpose of this report is to show the benefits of a company sponsored transportation service for our senior citizen patients. American Internal Medical Services has a high elderly patient population as well as a high percentage of patients that could benefit from a dedicated transportation service to our facility. US census bureau - state & county quick facts. (2011, October 27), Approximately 10% of Montgomery patient load could benefit from this service. These patients are ones that have no means to get to our office and no support from relatives or other acquaintances to aid in their transportation.

When these patients are late to arrive for their exams we are often forced to delay other patients for their exams. The result of the patient being late, it causes frustration for the staff as well as the patients. Often patients are forced to reschedule due to time constraints or the company loses them all together because they seek to have their imaging needs met at a competitor’s facility.

Wait time is a hot topic with our patients. They expect to be seen at their scheduled appointment time or within a reasonable amount of time of said appointment time. Additionally, there is an increasing number of patients that are further removed and live more rurally where VanGO and the few cab companies we have in Montgomery County don’t serve. A company sponsored transportation service will increase patient loyalty and make for an overall positive experience for all patients that come to the Montgomery office. As a result of a company sponsored transportation service, it would also create a less frustrating environment...

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