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Written Assignment 1

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Written Assignment 1

The article “ Where have all the criminals gone” has an interesting topic. The main theme of the article is that there was a massive crime drop in the 1990’s. They give you many reasons on why crime had such a big drop. The main reason why crime had such a big drop is because abortion was legalized throughout the country. I will get more into detail on why that particular topic in another question. But, what the author is trying to say about the subject is that abortion had a big impact on the 1990’s crime drop.
Throughout the article is lists different reasons why crime may or may have dropped due to that cause. Those causes range from gun laws to the ...view middle of the document...

That is not many at all. Another argument on how capital punishment had barely any part with the crime drop is that executing someone would barely stop them from committing future crimes. There was a 4 percent decrease in homicide because of the death penalty and that isn't even a lot. So when people say that the death penalty had a lot to due with the decrease in crime in the 1990’s, they are not saying the right thing because it barely had to do with capital punishment. It had more to deal with the increase in prisons as stated above. Another common crime drop argument is the deal with gun laws. Gun laws back then were a little weird, because they were just starting to come out out with new ones. In the article they make a valid argument about how guns and owning a gun could lead to less crime. When in fact it does not. If one person gets robbed and the robber has a gun then that's trouble. But say the victim had a gun. This also leads to a problem. If the suspect doesn't have a gun then you just shot and possibly killed an unarmed man. Sure, he was attempting to rob you but that doesn't mean you should kill him. Gun laws had nothing to due with the crime drop is what i'm trying to say here. Now, the main reason why crime dropped during the 1990’s some may find...

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