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According to the case study, the core belief of the company remained unchanged since its inception. James Lincoln, the co-founder of the Lincoln electric company is pivotal figure in the history of the company and was responsible for giving shape the mission of the company and some other welfare programs aimed at employees of the company. His philosophy stems from his Christian teaching point of view. It can be inferred from the company’s philosophy; Lincoln considers priority of the customer needs, and the price of products should reflect the quality, and finally, rewarding the ability used in producing the product. The bonus program for employees of the company was also the legacy of its ...view middle of the document...

”[2] Taking a base from the case study, performance evaluation is given to employees twice a year. This evaluation assesses quality, dependability ideas and cooperation and output of the employee’s performance. A person who exceeded the required 100 score with high performance 110 scores receives special letter. Besides, interviews made with the company’s workers by the writer indicates that an employee gets paid based on how much he/she achieved or has done his part. Phrases by the writer, “Each worker is proceeding busily and thoughtfully about his task. There is no idle chatter. Most workers take no coffee breaks. Many operate several machines and made a substantial component unaided” signifies how much workers are serious at work and performance oriented. And that’s why the workers in the Lincoln Company earn twice as much as other factor workers.

People in the Lincoln work environment communicate their needs through the elected committee of employees, the Advisory Board. The board acts as a tongue of the company’s workers and discusses with the chairman and president of the company every two weeks. This board has been instrumental in meeting the workers demands and suggestions over work operations. For the record, the bonus plan was proposed by the Advisory Board in 1934.

As far as the case study describes, there is no merit pay plan by the executives. No special awards are given to employee who performs well in their specific job, apart from the incentive he gets based on his performance.

The bonus plan of the company reflects Lincoln adheres supportive and fairness culture toward its employees. As part of its ‘People-Oriented Culture’, in December of each year, the company spend big amount of money to be...

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