Xmgt 216 Week 4 Assignment

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Week 4 Assignment: Ethical Issues and Management Paper

Managers are expected to have a wide variety of skills, and businesses around the world expect managers to use their skills on a daily basis. Businesses look for managers that will be successful within the company, and to be successful, managers should make ethical decisions and abide by the laws protecting ethical behavior. Ethical dilemmas are a major aspect of management, and overcoming the ethical dilemmas will separate good managers from bad managers. When we consider the decisions managers are faced with every day, the ethical dilemmas can be seen every day. Managers must hire new employees, ...view middle of the document...

If the court agrees that the termination is wrongful, the company will then be ordered to pay for unemployment.

Working as a manager with one of my duties being termination of employees, company morals and ethics must be followed before terminating any employee with the company. Terminating an employee must require a just reason for the termination. Once the manager has determined a justifiable reason for terminating the employee, the manager remain honest, and explain to the employee why this form of discipline is being used. Most companies have formed a code of ethics policy which is a document stating how all employees and managers must represent themselves while working for the company. When an employee violates the code of ethics set by the company, the manager must remain professional and abide by the code of ethics when disciplining employees. Managers will face situations where their personal morals and ethics may differ from the company's morals and ethics, but while at work, the manager must follow the company's code of ethics. If the manager involves his/her personal moral and ethics, there will be conflict, and the manager could face disciplinary actions for moving away from the company's code of ethics. Managers must act as role models for the company, and as managers follow the code of ethics set in place by the company, employees will begin to follow the managers lead. If the manager does not show-case the company's code of ethics, employees will be to take notice, and the manager will eventually not be able to properly discipline associates.

A manager's actions will play a significant role in the code of ethics set by the company. Managers must ensure that all employees are following ethical procedures set by the company, and without a managers actions and social activity, the ethics set by the company will not be in place with other employees. Terminating employees for not following the code of ethics is not a pleasant situation for any party involved, which is why this situation must be handled with care. However, most managers do not like to terminate employees, but the manager must be fair in terminating employees for specific reasons, the manager should not terminate an employee for a specific action, but let other employees keep their jobs after completing the same actions.

Terminating an employee is not easy, but before terminating an employee the manager should do a complete investigation for the reasoning of termination. The investigation should also be documented, and kept to avoid future law suits. If after the investigation the manager decides that termination is not acceptable or ethical, the manager then needs to write a full report of the investigation and keep it on record. The investigation will be helpful in future instances that the employee may be involved in. If the employee is terminated, all the investigations of wrongful behavior can then be set forward to explain why the company feels that the...

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