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Xmgt 216 Week 6 Assignment

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Week 6 Assignment: Current Ethical Issues

Baderman Island, also known as a slice of paradise where vacationers can relax, and organizations can host a business retreat. Baderman island is a large island with many amenities to appease all walks of life. Keeping vacationers and business people content takes many employees, and with the combination of employees and guests, many moral and ethical issues must be thought of on a daily basis.

Baderman Island is a popular resort year around because of the nice weather in the area, which means vacationers and organizations can enjoy all of the islands amenities year around. There are three hotels which are all ...view middle of the document...

In 1978 400 acres were set aside by the Baderman family and the town Kelsey for a botanical preserve. In 1988 the people of Kelsey approached the Baderman Family concerning the redirection of the Kelsey River, which would put much of the Baderman family's land under water. The land that was left was then turned into Baderman Island Resort. In 1995 20 acres of land was donated to the city in exchange for tax breaks and ferry service, and in 2001 the Kelsey River was redirected making Baderman Island a 1,580 acre of natural island. Construction began in 2001 with hotels, then moved to building restaurants and a convention center in 2004.

Ethical and Moral Issues concerning the island is that the Board Management Group was created by the town of Kelsey, which makes this board responsible for most of the daily operations on the island. The organization has high expectations of all their employees to give customers a very unique experience. The goal is for each customer to leave saying that it was the best trip they have ever taken. This Island is a very popular resort, which leads to many moral and ethical issues to contend with on a daily basis. Rules and regulations must be in place to keep employees and customers safe. The resort offers many amenities, and encourages guests to have fun, but people can be badly injured without rules regarding safety. All employees must treat customers with respect, but if a customer becomes a disturbance or creates situations that can be harmful, management must handle these situations. Management will be trained to handle each case fairly, but must ensure that all rules...

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