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Xmgt 216 Week 8 Assignment

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Week 8 Assignment: Business Ethics Across Cultures Article Review


Globalization is a process which has taken place since the first traders and merchants began visiting other countries to bring food and goods back for sharing with their country. Countries take pride in sharing their culture and perspectives with any person whom enters their country. In today's economy we have the Internet, and the use of digital information to help focus on globalization. The updated technology helps create a well-planned business strategy for merging with organizations in different organizations. Creating a business transaction with organizations is difficult ...view middle of the document...

We can go to any store in America and see labels on products which say “Made in China.” Products made in China are distributed and sold worldwide, which makes China a country that is noticeably very successful. In this article the author analyzes issues within the country while explaining the current state of business ethics in China, and exploring what could take place in the future concerning the business ethics of the country. Three events which took place in China are finding glycol in toothpaste, finding melamine in wheat gluten for pet food, and the massive recall of toys because lead was found in them. During each of these findings, Americans have begun showing some prejudice views concerning products made in China. Even with all the findings, according to Chinese statistics, 99% of China's food exports have met or exceeded quality standards in previous years. Since the findings, China has created a state department specifically for product quality. This department is in charge of ensuring that all food and products made are safe for public use. China has just recently shown interest in business ethics, but coming from a collective society and a planned market strategy, the country is showing progression on how they handle business transactions with other countries. Individual equal rights and a new market economy has been a step for China that has led to successful business strategies within the country. China must follow factors which are complying with WTO rules, avoiding widespread crisis of credibility, properly handle internal economic changes, and changes in the government's ideology. The Chinese government has worked hard to encourage business ethics. China focuses on encouraging businesses to consider their profits, their social responsibilities, and their environmental responsibilities. China also highlights the need to rely on ethical practices. One problem that China faces within business practices is where they look for guidance. Academic scholars and managers have pulled from America's aggressive capitalist ideologies. This leads Chinese businesses to believe that profit is the goal, which could lead to unethical practices within the business.

The second article chosen for this paper is “Cultural Differences and Clarity in Mexico's Business World.” This article concentrates on different ethical perspectives from globalization, and assumptions within business settings. The article showcases the way American managers are vague when communicating with Mexican employees and managers. The vagueness of communication between America and Mexico are mostly due assumptions. Assumption is a problem with most cultures, and can cause bad communication practices between two countries, such as America and Mexico. The author of this article gives examples of assumption through explaining different stereotypes. The stereotypes listed are lazy Mexicans that act without accountability, or double-talking Americans that make promises...

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