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Xutos & Pontapés 35 Years Of Rock And Roll

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In late 1978, Zé Pedro, Kalú, Tim and Zé Leonel form Xutos e Pontapés , giving the first concert January 13, 1979, with Zé Leonel voice, in Tim Low, Zé Pedro on guitar and drums in Kalú in Room Students of Apollo for the commemoration of 25 years of Rock & Roll.

In 1981 the band enters and exits the guitarist Francis Zé Leonel, assuming the role of lead singer Tim. In 1982 comes the compact 1978 to 1982, with notable songs as "semen" and "Mother." In 1983 Francis left the band passing the act with guest musicians, including saxophonist Bill, and the same year the band joins guitarist John Coma.

The first album recorded by John Cabeleira Siege in 1985 was with the songs "Greek Boats" ...view middle of the document...

In that year, still record the theme "Inferno" for the movie of the same name Joaquim Leitão.

The following year, recording a version of the song "Chico Fininho" Rui Veloso, for the tribute album at twenty Veloso debut with "Air-rock".

Members Xutos e Pontapés in 2004, were awarded by the President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio to the degree of Commander of the Order of Merit. That same year, Xutos gave two concerts at the Atlantic Pavilion in Lisbon on 8 and 9 October to celebrate his 25 year career. The song "The World Contrary to" the self-titled album was chosen as the official song of the film Sorte Nula, who has a brief role as actors of Zé Pedro.

In 2005, Xutos & Kicks performed a tour titled A tour of 3 wishes, which gave three series of concerts, each with a different alignment. In 2006 not only gave an acoustic concert in celebration of his twenty-eight, also released as a DVD triple with all its history since the beginning (1978) until 2005 (Tour 3 wishes).

In 2006, Antonio Ugly Friday staged a musical with only 13 songs Xutos, having these theme designed especially for the musical of the same name tile1

In the same year, were invited by Smelly Cat to interpret the...

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