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Xylocopa Sp around the world


The genus Xylocopa (in the subfamily Xylocopinae) is commonly known as ‘Carpenter Bees’ and one of the large bees distributed worldwide. It consists near about 500 species in 31 subgenera. The word ‘carpenter’ comes from the fact that nearly all of its species use dead wood, bamboo, or structural timbers to build their nest. Associated members of the related tribe Ceratinini are often referred to as ‘small carpenter bees’.


In 1802, the genus was described by French entomologist Pierre André Latreille. The name was derived from the ancient Greek word xylokopos which had a meaning of ‘wood-cutter’.

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Xylocopa species are traditionally considered solitary bees. But some species have simple social nests in which mothers and daughters may cohabit. However, solitary species can be social, and often several of them will nest near each other. It has been occasionally reported that there may be a division of labor between them when females cohabit- where one female spend most of her time as a guard near the entrance and the other female spends time inside the nest.

Xylocopa species make their nests by tunneling into wood and vibrating their bodies as they scratch against the wood. Each nest has a single entrance which may have many adjacent tunnels. The entrance is often a circular hole of 16 mm diameter. The species do not eat wood. They discard the bits of wood or re-use them. The eggs are usually large compared to the size of the female. These eggs are also considered largest among all the insects.

Descriptions of some common examples of Xylocopa species

1. Xylocopa aeratus

The Xylocopa aeratus is one of two species of Xylocopa found in the Sydney region of New South Wales in Australia. It gets its common name by its habit of burrowing into wood.
This species are metallic green in color. They may also appear in purplish or bluish from some angles. They have low-pitched buzzing sound while flying between flowers. The male has yellow face having a sting that can...

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