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Y5 Q4 Summary And Strategy Essay

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(Stock Price)
Perfect Competition
Perfect Competition
Average Price $86.11
Total supply 294,068 pcs
Total demand 230,010 pcs

Average price: $85.87
Total supply 276,576 pcs
Total demand 193,699 pcs
Average price: $82.31
Total supply 301,234 pcs
Total demand 271,543 pcs
Average price: $85.10
Total supply 159,623 pcs
Total demand 155,771 pcs

Home Factory (cap 80,000)
Price $95.00 (10.3% above)
Margin 27.12% (4th)
Max Revenue $4.03m
Direct Cost $38.58 (1st)
Market share 18.5% (2nd)

Price $93.00 (8.3% above)
Margin 23.75% (2nd)
Market Share 10.3% (6th)
Worst Unit Cost $70.91
Inactive player in A2 (20,000)

Price $77.00 (6.5% below)
Margin 19.59%
Unit cost $61.91 (2nd worst)
Market share 7.4% (worst)
Inactive player in A3 (20,000)
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Unit cost $71.39 (worst)
Margin 13.47% (2nd last)
Margin 15.67% (worst)
Home Factory (95,500)
Margin: 49.54% (1st)
Unit cost: $40.62 (1st)
Market share 18.4% (2nd)

Margin 30.85% (1st)
Unit Cost $57.04 (1st)


Home Factory (cap 90,000)
Margin 36.32% (1st)
Unit cost $46.55 (1st)
Direct cost $44.41 (worst)
Margin 37.99% (2nd)
Unit cost $75.86 (worst)
Inactive player (9,858 supply)

New Comer (cap 100,000)
Direct Cost $47.91 (worst)
Op Profit $432,991 (NEG)

Home Factory (88,000)
Market Leader 25.5%
Revenue: $4.14m (1st)
Key competitor in A2

Direct cost $47.91 (worst)
Inactive player in A3 (22,500)
Margin -4.56% (worst)
Direct cost $47.91 (worst)
Inactive player (12,500 supply)

Inactive player in A1 (12,000)
(least investment)
Worst Market Share 6.2%
Inactive player in A2 (1200)
Home Factory (97,500)
$79.00 (4.0% below)
Direct cost $38.96 (1st)
Market Leader 33.3%
Revenue $7.14m (1st)
Key competitor in A3

Unit cost $38.96 (1st)
Market share 5.1% (worst)
Inactive player (8,000 supply)

Home Factory (cap 102,500)
Margin 29.77% (3rd)
Unit Cost $56.89 (4th)
Inactive player in A2 (22,500)
Unit cost $66.36 (worst)
Inactive player in A3 (22,500)
Unit cost $66.44 (4th)
Margin 17.98% (4th)

Period 5 Strategy
Production cap 80,000
Tools purchase
Tools rent
Supply 50,000

Price $90
Marketing $400,000

I think objective this week is to maximize revenue to balance the cash account,

Supply 20,000

Price $88
Marketing 150,000

Supply 20,000

Price $80
Marketing $20,000

Production cap 60,000
Tools purchase
Tools rent
Supply 50,000


Since duopoly, should increase supply to fight for more market share and revenue.
Year 6 Strategy
Increase production cap to 100,000
Key Production Center, Tools increase to 1,200 (Direct cost down to $35)

Marketing gradually down to market average ($6/unit)

Decrease Marketing cost to expand margin

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