You And The Internet Essay

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You and the Internet

Have you heard all about the internet? Have you heard all about the wonderfull places you can go to just by clicking a button on your computer screen? Wouldn't it be wonderfull if that were really true? A lot of exaggerations have been made about the internet. But for the money there's nothing like it on Earth.
The internet is no electronic transportation device. The internet is a multinational packet switched computer network. For those of you who aren't familiar with the "packet switched network" I will explain. A data transmission can be compared to a freight train. Each boxcar is numbered. The "network" can be compared to a railroad track network with switch ...view middle of the document...

It's not difficult to find the addresses. You'll find most companies or organizations quite eager to respond. This is also a great way to do research. You can create a form letter which might ask "What is your company doing to reduce pollution?" and send it to a thousand companies in the US. I can assure you that the results you receive will be overwhelming.

The internet there are about 1700 sites designated as IRC or internet relay chat. Chat lounges are sites where you can sit in and listen to a discussion about anything. You can add your two cents too. You never know if there might be just a few people around or there might be hundreds. Since you type everything in, you don't have to worry about stage fright.

The internet has a human side to it. As you move through the sites that interest you will find personal internet pages. Usually you find these via a "link" in a document you've read. Quite often this personal page will have a recent picture of it's subject, a brief biography, an e-mail box location and interests, likes, dislikes or even politics. This type of site can be the most interesting and yet the most personal.

The internet has an interesting history. Here are a few milestones. (1)

1962:Paul Baran of the RAND Corporation conceived and proposed a packet switched computer network.
1969: Department of Defense commissiones ARPA to studyfeasibility.
1971:The first hardware is activated.
1973: The first international connections.
1982: The controlling software is stabilized.
1983: ARPANET split from MILNET.
1990: ARPANET dissolved. Net opened to public andcommerce.

Since 1990 the Internet has grown by leaps and bounds. New users include students, blue collar workers, academia, politicians and non-profit organizations. Just about everyone can benefit from using the Internet and also posting on the internet. Most sites are the work of a small group of people, but it's possible to create a site with hundreds of subsites and thousands of pages which would need a cooperative effort from a much larger group.

What will become of the internet in the future? It's anybody's guess. Certain corporations are betting that internet usage will continue to grow exponentially and they want to be the provider of choice. The nature of the beast is that nobody can dominate it. It's too decentralized for that to happen. The internet can be your town, your city, your university and your playground all at the same time.

(8)The most ambitious shaper and mover of the future of the internet is the Clinton administration. This administration has created and funded the National Information Infrastructure (NII) for the express purpose of advancing the technology and applications of this resource for the benifit of all American citizens and citizens of other countries who participate in the internet. The NII is also charged with coordinating internet expansion with all federal government agencies to insure that no benificial...

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