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You Are The Judge Essay

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CASE EXAMPLE D: Zoom Car Company manufactures automobiles. Among the many extra features it offers its customers is a compass on the dashboard. The compass is made by Corrigan Rulers Compasses and Slide Rules, Inc. and installed by Zoom Car Company. Daniel Boone bought a car from Zoom that had a dashboard compass. Unfortunately, the compass was faulty and, as a result, one night Daniel got lost and drove into a high crime area where he was dragged from his car and severely beaten. He has sued Zoom for his medical costs. (100 points)

The legal issues involved in this case are very important, which includes physical injuries. Mr. Daniel Boone is the plaintiff and Zoom Car Company is the ...view middle of the document...

are both strict liable for Mr. Boone’s injuries. “All parties in the chain of distribution of a defective product are strictly liable for the injuries caused by that product. Thus, all manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, lessors, and subcomponent manufacturers may be sued under the doctrine of strict liability in tort” (Cheeseman, pg. 121). Well, Zoom Car Company and Corrigan Rulers Compasses and Slide Rules, Inc. may say that they have done proper inspection and tests before they sold the compass. In this situation, they are still strict liable for Mr. Boone’s injuries. According to our textbook, “A seller can be found strictly liable even though he or she has exercised all possible case in the preparation and sale of his or her product”. For manufacturers, before they sell their products to customers, they need to double or triple checks the products and make sure they are in working condition. If they found problems, they need to immediately recall those products.
Thus, if I was the judge, Mr. Boone would win this case based on the doctrine of...

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