You Are The Pr Manager Of Utar's Women's Football Team. Your Teams Are In Need Of Some Publicity To Promote The Team To Other Utar Students. Prepare A Press Release For Utar's Campus Newsletter

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Kuala Lumpur, 30th June 2004 - Women nowadays are different from the past because football is no longer a game that only specific for men. University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) is the first university to form a women's football team.UTAR was formed in 2001, however in late year 2002 UTAR started to form a women's football team as one of their extra choices in ...view middle of the document...

UTAR's Dean Dr Lim said that they shouldn't be any discrimination among men and women. For many ages, football is meant to be men's activities, but Lim do not agree with it because Lim believe that women's is capable in playing football too.UTAR's women's football team is providing sports attire to first 100 students who are interested in joining the football team. The motive is to encourage more women's students to join these activities.Besides that usually students will be earning 2 credits hour if they join any activities, however women's football team is giving 3 credit hours to be earned. In addition students who participate in our football match in end of this month will stand a chance to win a free ticket to Langkawi.The entries for women's football team are now open for all UTAR's women's students. There will be three sections of classes in a week. For late applicants there wouldn't be entertain if the classes are fully utilized.

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