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For the middle part of the century the only way to get your news, weather, and sports was on the radio. Anything from when were the troops coming home, to the local book sale on the corner filled homes nation wide. Urban America received their news from the radio, until television took a hold of society. The vast majority of society did not own televisions, so their news had to come from radio. Radio was the first and foremost mean for people to receive their news. The most important thing here is to talk about how to get the point across, and the effects of television.During the tail end of World War II there was heavy rationing, and even the newspapers were being rationed so radio had to ...view middle of the document...

There also the fact that no one really saw television at the time. As CBS performed its first public broadcast of their color TV system on June 25, 1951. On the surface, it might have seemed that CBS had won the war. Unfortunately, almost nobody saw the broadcast. There were 12 million TV sets in the US by that time, and almost all were black and white . Also you have to keep in mind a point that should be known is that many of these televisions were bought and sold in areas that were quite big like New York City, Detroit, and Los Angeles. A majority of the people lived in small rural America at the time, so in order for you to have disposable money, and that is just not something families had during/after the war.Let us also keep in mind that in 1948 there were only 19 stations on the air . That is a contrast to the fact that every town has at least one or access to one radio station. So news really could not be spread by television like it is today where every town does have the access to television either by their own doing or sharing with another station. The bigger cities like New York, and Los Angeles could get a variety of news from all forms, but for the small towns, like Des Moines, Iowa they had to rely upon the radio reports they have from their overseas correspondents.Let us keep in mind that there were small towns that were getting reports from the front, so radio had to provide everyone with an account of what was happening. Jack Shelly, a war correspondent for WHO in Des Moines, Iowa was one of their one of the only sources for the war news for this small town and it's surrounding areas. Radio a this time provided an intimacy with the people who were demanding an intense war coverage that no other medium was covering at the time. Shelly's reports aired nearly five times a week and could be categorized into three general types: names, war reports, and overviews. His main mission was to cover the war from the Midwestern soldier's viewpoint . And that is key in radio, you want to bring the audience in, speaking from personal experience (I worked in radio for 2 years), the best way to get your message the audience is to bring it to their level. News that a listener can understand without using complicated terms drives your point home faster and by listening to it, the listeners can comprehend the information at hand. Politicians used to think, and some may still think that radio local media, which will help you get re-elected. Indeed to most House members at this time (1950-1060) thought that the media meant the local press, and their way of getting reelected, and personal contact with the voters . At that is key for the small towns, really the only way for them to hear what their representatives sounded like, and what their stands on certain things are. Given the distance between some small towns and Washington, the correspondents were the only voice for news. That made radio more powerful than newspapers at the time, because...

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