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You Should Have Seen The Mess

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Dame Muriel Spark, DBE (1 February 1918 – 13 April 2006) was an award-winning Scottish novelist. In 2008 The Times newspaper named Spark in its list of "the 50 greatest British writers since 1945". She was born Muriel Sarah Camberg in Edinburgh, Muriel Spark was identified as a promising and creative writer when her name was still Muriel Camberg and she was still at school. Some of her poems had already been published by the time she won her first poetry prize, at the age of 12. Dame Muriel – poet, writer of fiction and literary criticism, and biographer – went on to win most of the literary awards going, was never out of print, and was at the top of her profession, internationally, for more ...view middle of the document...

For example, Lorna feels uncomfortable in her first job, so she decides to leave because of the rickety furniture. She tells us about her first job, and the first description she gives is again regarding cleanliness. 'I must say that when I went for the interview, I was surprised that the windows and the stairs up to the offices were also far from clean'. Lorna's obsession for cleanliness gives us the first indication of her ignorance, although there are plenty of other examples. She is ignorant in both senses of the word, naïve to the point of being rude. Shortly before Lorna gives up her job due to the state of the 'facilities' she is approached in a friendly manner by her boss, he asks her what she will do with her first wages. He asked her what she did in the evenings and whether she watched Telly. Lorna's response highlights her ignorance: 'I did take this as an insult, because we call it T.V. and his remark made me out to be uneducated.After quitting her job, Lorna gets a new job at a neater and more modern facility, Lowe's Chemical Co. She makes friends with the Darby's, a doctor family who have money but a messy and unkempt house. Lorna is surprised that she likes them despite the mess. The Darby's introduce her to a chemist assistant whom she dates, but he was an orphan and only bathes once a week because that's the only time he has hot water. They then introduce her to an artist, Willy Morley, who also has an unhygienic house. They date, but he does not make advances to her and does not even paint her portrait, so Lorna decides that she cannot sink so low as to marry him. The plot is chronological. The story is set in London: “You look pale, Lorna. It’s the London atmosphere.” Genre of the...

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