Young People As A Social Problem

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In the wake of the alarming rate of juvenile delinquency and the accumulating cases of teenage suicide since the mid 90's, it's not surprising to see that the majority started to accuse young people as a source of social problem. Nowadays, some may even consider young people as a group of easily-agitated gangsters euipped with the potential ability and the desire to disrupt the present social order.

However, is it justified to point the finger of blame on our teenagers for the social problems? Is it really a fact that the pillars of our future society could no longer be relied on? As a youth myself, instead of considering young people as a social problem, I would regard young ...view middle of the document...

Conflicts could then be easily breed and this therefore may contribute to the repression of the youth against the grown-ups.

Such oppression may occur either in a static form or in a dynamic way. In a static form, youth may suffer from psychological problems like lacking incentive to study or even the incentive to survive, therefore indirectly contributing to the social problem of teenage suuicide, drug abuse or other related issues.

Dynamically, teenagers would "revolt"

against the social order created by them. Youth then emerged as a social problem on breaking the school regulations, committing petty crimes and even involving in triad activities.

The unresolved emotional disturbances of the teenagers also play a part in the youth problem. Accentuated by the lack of parental care just mentioned, the youth are more prone to emotional problems. Though emotional problem itself may not constitue social problems, this issue would be dangerous if it is not identified and tackled immediately.

Unfortunately, because of the demanding syllabus of our educational system, the unusually high teacher-student ratio and the lack of social workers lead to a lack of sufficient time for the teachers and the social workers to acknowledge the emotional problems of the youth.

The peer pressure exerted by the teenagers themselves as well contributes to the emergence of "youth as a social problem". In search for the security and conformity that the teenagers could neither found at home or at school, the youth themselves gather together as peer groups. Surele, peer group itself is positive if it is used as a device to provide mutual emotional and academic support to one another. However, some peer groups had been infiltrated by misbehaved youth that used the peer pressure to push the youth to engage in triad activities or to take drugs.

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