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I have handed out 3 cards to you and I will explain what they are for later in this speech. Good morning Mrs Blakeway and class. Before I start my speech today I wish to state that I do not mean to offend anyone. We were asked to talk about a topic that we feel strongly about. Today I will be talking to you about a womens right to choose safe and legal abortion… Imagine if you did not have this basic right?

The term the abortion refers to the delibrate termination of a pregnecy. Abortion in Australia remains a subject of state law rather than federal law. The grounds on which abortion is permitted in Australia vary from state to state. In every state, abortion is legal to protect the ...view middle of the document...

If you are under 14 years you have to have parent or guardian consent. If you are over 14 then you have to give imformed consent.

Before abortion was legalised the choice to have an abortion was a potentially life threatening decision. Because the number of abortions doesn’t change, it shows how desperate these women were to go ahead with that decision.

Tragically In some countries this practise continues today, women are still loosing there lives. There is a huge black market for these illegal abortions. The methods of these “back yard abortions” are not controlled, the abortionist could be unskilled and unqualified, where it takes place could be unsanitary and no medical help would be available, because what you are doing is illegal. You could bleed to death, and you would not be able to call anyone because what you have done is so wrong in the eyes of the law.

I was surprised when I started researching this topic, I was amazed at how much I thought I knew but was was completely wrong. There are so many false beliefs around abortion.

Now im going to read you another statement. The statement is “that women simply use abortion as a form of contraception” If you agree with this statement hold up your green card, if you dissagree your red card if you don’t know hold up your yellow. Now take a second to look around the room.The truth is that most women use abortion as a last resort and generally from failed contraception. Because contraception can and DOES fail.

Most people think that it is mostly young unmarried women who have abortions. The truth is that it is women of all ages, married and unmarried, who have abortions. In Latin America, abortion rates among women over 35 are twice those of women aged 20-34. A study from India showed that a large majority of women seeking abortions were between 20 and 29 years of age...

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