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Youth Violence Essay

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I can’t go outside at night without having to worry about being in life threatening danger. I can’t trust people I don’t know. I always have to watch my back. I have to make sure I don’t bump into the wrong person, or saying the wrong thing to someone. It’s not safe to go walking in the neighborhood alone. You have to pay close attention to your surroundings. You also have to be careful at school, and try not to get into fights with anybody. You have to even worry about getting jumped or killed happening during the day. Violence starts out as anger, hatred, guilt, fear, and a broken heart. When there are feelings that no one cares about you. When you just simply give up all your ...view middle of the document...

That sensation usually leads to a love for fighting because you want to see someone in pain. That usually leads to a loss of compassion for others causing you to become pure evil. Fear is a huge factor in violence. People carry firearms because they are afraid of being hurt or killed. Peer pressure is also a cause. When kids who have been hurt deeply are put under a lot of pressure it causes them to get angry and resort to violence. When a kid has been abused they want to take their anger out on some which usually is someone smaller than they are. Then the kid being bullied brings a gun to school out of anger, and kills the bully starting the cycle all over again. First, the Information Clearinghouse serves to collect research literature and resources on the causes and prevention of violence and provides direct information services to the public by offering online searchable customized databases. Second, CSPV offers technical assistance for the evaluation and development of violence prevention programs. Third, CSPV maintains a basic research component through data analysis and other projects on the causes of violence and the effectiveness of prevention and intervention programs (from /cspv/). I can be a friend to a violent person, and try to change the way the act. Give them so options to change their future. Share some experience with them. Let them know that they aren’t the only ones out there going through this. Let them know that people do care about them. Because all they really need is someone to talk to someone to confide in. Youth violence can be stopped if we really try to stop it.

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