Youth Violence Speech

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The Impact of Youth Violence
Youth violence destroys quality of life and decreases the freedom, health, and prosperity of individuals, families, and communities. Unaddressed youth violence and crime negatively affect our communities' physical, mental, economic health and challenges our ability to educate, grow, and prosper.
Many people may think of school shootings when they think of youth violence, but youth violence includes many different activities. These include fights, bullying, gang violence, rape, sexual assault, and suicide. Physical, emotional and sexual effect of youth violence is a reality for many American teens, a reality many friends, siblings and ...view middle of the document...

They include:
* Serious drug or alcohol use
* Gang membership or strong desire to be in a gang
* Access to or fascination with weapons, especially guns
* Trouble controlling feelings like anger
* Withdrawal from friends and usual activities
* Regularly feeling rejected or alone
* Feeling constantly disrespected
Violence is a learned behavior. Like all learned behaviors, it can be changed. This isn't easy, though. Since there is no single cause of violence, there is no one simple solution. The best that citizens, parents, teachers, counselors, activist can do is to learn and recognize the warning signs of violence, and to seek help when warning signs start to manifest.
Each neighborhood and community has unique experiences with violence and different resources available to them. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preventing youth violence. However, communities can help reduce youth violence by developing a community-wide strategy that combines prevention, intervention, and treatment plans. It is critical that...

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