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Greg Chappell, the brother of Ian Chappell is one of cricket's most brilliant brains, yet he is one of cricket's most foolish and hated names. Why? Well for a number of reasons such as that he never did play cricket like a gentleman, as a skipper, he led his team thinking he was a mafia leader, as a coach his ideas and thinking was termed as radical or just plain insanity (Only John Buchanan can match Chappell's 'out side the box' thinking) and now as a selector he believes himself to be the God's chosen executioner for Australian cricket. So who and more so what exactly is this man named Greg Chappell? Well, he's a douchebag or a genius in disguise! Maybe the the picture below can clear this question.

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This one of the few times that Zaheer Khan has spoken so openly and candidly about his career and some of the revelations made are truly shocking. He explained the infighting within the team and the uncomfortable dressing room atmosphere and the difficulties because of it. He said,
"It was always a struggle. When you're fighting within the team, when you have a war to fight in your own camp, it is always difficult to win."
Zaheer also talked about Chappell's love for young players and hatred for the seniors and said,
"A youngster coming in is a good sign but not at the cost of a cricketer who is doing his bit."
On the other hand he showered praises on the last Indian coach Gary Kirsten and termed him as a friend and not as a coach. I believe that can be the highest accolade a coach or a teacher can receive from their players or students.

So if an award was to be handed to the most hated man in cricket, then I'm sure the Indians, the Kiwis, the English and even the Australians (Simon Katich in particular) will vote for Greg Chappell. I mean who else would be stupid enough to pick a fight with the man (Saurav Ganguly) who just lead India to a World Cup finals after 20 years in 2003 and tell the world that Sachin's time is up. Who else but Greg Chappell have the perverted thought to order his brother to bowl under-arm and drop proven and performing players in favor for untested young blood? If only we could see how Greg Chappell's mind works, I'm sure we'll all be surprised and naturally disgusted. Watching Greg Chappell makes me wonder if he really is a genius in disguise...

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