Zero Waste Society Essay

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Rajesh Ghosh
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
Calcutta Institute of Technology, Uluberia, Banitabla
Howrah-711316,West Bengal, India
M-+91- 7872385464
Today, everyone inside ur inside ur society wants to introduce the excellence of courageous & rewards.Every single fellow inside ur society wants to meditate the things thgrough truth,goodness & beauty.We merely observe that wright things always happen in wrong place.Peoples desire towards implementation on the basis of positive law.We had seen that ur legal & moral wrights ...view middle of the document...

The great thoughts in ur campus
Recently , I had participated one of the symposium Regarding Zero waste society .It promotes the interaction of industries & technologists to reduce ,reuse,recycling of industrial, municipal, hazardous waste.Here , the scientists are get inspire & attract towards waste recycle,reuse,which is impossible to remove from ur society ,if we look back towards ur olden days.These are the waste which was difficult to dispose from ur society .Here Research area concentrate on e-waste,bio-waste,medical waste,waste from battery,cd,computer,plastic bags, beveragres,PET bottles(Poly Ethylene Tetrapathalate),Polymers HDPE(High Density poly Ethylene),PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride),PS(Poly Styrene),try to utilize the things for ur daily convenencial needs,requirements.
Art of education “inside school & college”
My ambition & dream to change the course of ur life .I want to die before that I put some sweetest returns, in order to make the society to be glorious,attractive.My aspiration is somewhat innovative,which is impossible ,dared to imagine .Since 1947,Technical Education Quality Improvent Programme has grown all over india ,which promise to increase the level,art,strategy of education,through some of the key factors,performance .Today , I m going to explain unforgettable experience in my life ,the way I throght its some extent.I just enter one single school or college.I got an accident by observing the things between the respected professor, his students & subordinates.The way of looking things when I hear the voice from a single student,Since 70 percent students disagree with the things,they feel afraid,tension to enter the classroom,They beware of proper respect from allside,sometimes misconception, irregularities, carelessness irresponsibilities,frustration,politics aries in their mind.The greatest gift to concentrate,meditate,recover,recreate the things which they expect from their class professor based on way of communication,depth of knowledge .
The great voice from author-“55 minutes concentrate on teaching ,5 minutes joke & laughter is equal to 60 minutes effective learning”.There is notification towards professor to improve their strategy & objective of teaching ,so that professor should get master of that particular subject,he sould have some affection,interest on the way of interaction inside learning atmosphere. If one single professor is having best character from all side, each & every single student get close with that particular professor within a short period of intervals.Like a burning candle if u certainly switch off the light ,still its get illuminating .The particular professor get maximum rewards for his whole life. The professor create...

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